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Max Weber Complete Edition (MWG)


Thinking about Max Weber anew and across boundaries

An initiative for founding an international network of young Weber scholars  

Victor Strazzeri from Brazil, doctoral student at the Otto-Suhr-Institut für Politikwissenschaft at the Freie Universität Berlin, had the idea for an international network of young Weber scholars. He has collected more than 30 contact addresses of young researchers in America, Asia and Europe.  

Many doctoral students and post-docs researching Max Weber or referring to him in their works, are handicapped by not being in touch with other Weber scholars of their generation.

The network aims at establishing connections between those referring to or writing about Max Weber, allowing for direct communication via the internet or even personally. A work group is starting out, trying to organize workshops in Germany in 2016/17. These workshops will address the needs of members of the network. They will discuss Max Weber’s significance in various disciplines.

Members of the initiating group:

  • Dr. Claudius Härpfer, Frankfurt a.M. (email)
  • Dr. Edith Hanke, München (email)
  • Victor Strazzeri, Berlin (email)